Is Maintenance on a Luxury Car Different?

You’ve Arrived!

When You Think of Luxury, Think Whitedog!

You’ve arrived! Maintenance on a luxury vehicle requires different maintenance than the average vehicle.

Your entire life, you’ve imagined the feeling of sitting behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle, and now that moment is here. You’ve arrived! Your vehicle is equipped with a high-performance engine, imported leather, sophisticated electronics, and the advanced features you’ve always dreamed about. The next thought that crosses your mind is, who’s going to maintain my luxury vehicle?

Whitedog Imported Auto Repair, located at (424 Highland Ct Suite 1, Iowa City, IA) has specialized technicians with hands-on experience in the always-changing world of automobile technology and luxury brands. We have the same diagnostic equipment as most dealerships, but our difference with you is we don’t pass the additional dealer costs onto our customers.

When You Think of Luxury, Think Whitedog!

Our technicians are familiar with European and Japanese models and every model in between to keep your dream machine running smoothly. Give us a call at 319-220-4169 to speak to one of our technicians and discuss how we can assist you with preventative maintenance or any issue related to your luxury vehicle.

Specialized Training

An important point to remember is who can do the work correctly is limited to highly trained vehicle specialists, and Whitedog technicians are highly trained to maintain and repair your luxury vehicle. Technicians need specialized training, and Whitedog technicians have the training to make you feel secure with your luxury vehicle. Whitedog knows luxury vehicles require frequent maintenance visits, and our preventative maintenance will keep your luxury vehicle running stronger and on the road longer.

One of the downsides to owning a luxury vehicle is some parts can only be purchased through a dealership. We solve this dilemma by having excellent relationships with most dealerships to get these limited parts you need without having to pay more for a part or visit a specific dealership.


Part of owning a luxury vehicle are frequent maintenance visits, advanced features, luxury prices, lower MPG, and higher insurance costs. Whitedog has you covered with every type of maintenance and will keep your vehicle in top-notch condition. The money you save with us will certainly help you at the pump.

Whitedog has qualified technicians to keep your dream machine running longer and feeling stronger to help your rubber meet the road. Whitedog uses sophisticated maintenance equipment and has access to hard-to-get parts to avoid long delays in required maintenance. When you think of luxury, think Whitedog!

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