Porsche Repair in Iowa City, Iowa

Protecting Your Prized Porsche

You picked the perfect Porsche for yourself. Perhaps it’s the same one that you drooled over as it passed you by during your high school days, dreaming that it would someday be yourself. Maybe it’s a more updated crossover, hauling kids, the family dog, and sports equipment. In either case, protect your prized Porsche by keeping up with preventive maintenance services and timely fixes where there are problems. Your local dealership alternative for Porsche repair is Whitedog Import Auto Service in Iowa City, Iowa. We’re conveniently located to many of the places you drive downtown at 424 Highland Ct Suite 1, Iowa City, IA 52240. You can easily schedule an appointment online or by calling us at (319) 337-4616.


Commonly Reported Porsche Repairs

Porsche has a long history and outstanding reputation, but as with any brand, there are a few issues that drivers report more often than others. For instance, a coolant leak around a pipe that transports coolant can allow the valuable fluid to escape. Worse, you might be clueless that this is happening. Instead of the leak revealing itself by forming a visible puddle under your automobile, it often pools between the cylinders. Your Porsche should be checked for such leaks at each service visit. Also, key an eye on the carpet in your trunk. If it’s wet, have your auto checked for a coolant leak. Also, some owners report wearing of the synchros, creating difficulties with getting their cars into gear. Regular transmission service can help you avoid unnecessary damage. Additionally, tears in rubber boots and coverings (from wear, heat, and/or flying road debris) can lead to damage in the suspension system and steering mechanism. Your technician should check for cracking and tearing at service visits. When it’s time for the routine oil change, be sure to allow us to serve you. Technicians who are inexperienced with the Porsche line can often overfill the engine with lubricant. The excess oil can damage the engine, causing it to smoke. Left unaddressed, your engine can incur extensive damage.

Your Local Shop for Porsche Repair

Although dealerships are great for new car purchases; you don’t have to spend the extra time or money to return there for Porsche repair. Instead, select Whitedog Import Auto Service as your trusted service provider. We have decades of experience with your European import, and we back our work with a 24-month/24,000 mile warranty. We can do that because we use only high-quality replacement parts. A service or repair visit can be convenient. Ask about coffee and free wifi for short visits and alternative times for drop-off and pick-up and Rideshare transportation for longer visits.