BMW Repair in Iowa City, Iowa

Keeping Your BMW in Prime Condition

Many BMW owners eye the auto line for a while before they make their purchases. By the time they take one home, they’ve truly identified their favorite vehicle. If you’re one of them, keep your automobile in prime condition at Whitedog Import Auto Service in Iowa City, Iowa. Our technicians know all the ins and outs of your vehicle. We’ve been in business since 1975–almost a half century! You’ll find us near more of your favorite places in the trendy downtown area at 424 Highland Ct Suite 1, Iowa City, IA 52240. Make your appointment for BMW repair by calling (319) 337-4616 or using our easy online scheduling tool.


Common BMW Repairs

The best time to think about BMW repair is before your auto needs repairing. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule which they’ve outlined in the owner’s manual and named Service I and II. This protects your warranty as well as heads off a lot of potential problems before they can develop. Also, keep up with minor repairs as issues crop up, including keeping surfaces well maintained, replacing burned out bulbs, etc. Beyond that, your car will likely operate relatively trouble free for a while. After all, BMW is a fabulous auto line. However there are a few repairs that are more common than others. For example, overheating is a plague for some BMW drivers. This is often because of a bad water pump or leaking coolant. The overheating condition will need to be corrected. You can’t drive an overheating car without causing greater damage or even catastrophic engine failure. Another frequently reported issue is leaking oil. While the lubricant can be coming from a number of places, it’s often the result of a dying fuel pump or an ailing valve cover gasket. Furthermore, if the bulb that illuminates the tail light assembly is loose, it can allow moisture into the connection area, causing corrosion. This, in turn, triggers a dashboard warning about your car’s rear lamp/brake light. In the BMW 3 series, some operators report steering wheel vibration as they apply brakes. Beyond these big four, other typical consumer complaints include concerns about door handles, alloy wheels that can corrode, fuel pump problems, and electric window malfunctions.

Reputable BMW Service and Repair Nearby

In 1975 Whitedog Import Auto Service set out to provide honest and authoritative import auto repair without the trip to the dealership. We’ve achieved that, building our expertise as technology and cars advance and keeping up to date with the latest diagnostic equipment just as the dealerships do. We’ve ranked high across multiple years on local “best of” lists, so stop by to see how we can help you with all your BMW repair needs.