Land Rover Repair in Iowa City, Iowa

Long Live Your Land Rover

Most owners purchase their Land Rovers for grit and capacity. Specifically, they aren’t looking for a fluffy car to drive only to posh gatherings and special occasions. Rather, in addition to taking them to high-end events, drivers also count on their Land Rovers to haul cargo, transport kids, and drag a wet sandy dog back from the beach–all while running well and lasting for a long time. This expectation isn’t unreasonable. Land Rover models will last 150,000-200,000 miles with proper care. Make your well-rounded vehicle last for years to come with preventive maintenance services and Land Rover repairs at Whitedog Import Auto Service in Iowa City, Iowa. You’ll find us not far from US 6 at 424 Highland Ct Suite 1, Iowa City, IA 52240. That’s in the heart of the city near the downtown arts district. Make your next appointment by calling us at (319) 337-4616 or using our online scheduling feature.


What Could Go Wrong?

Your Land Rover is indeed tough, so perhaps you’re wondering what could go wrong. While your vehicle will probably work reliably for a long time and anything can happen, be aware of the most frequently reported issues so that you can head them off with routine services and timely repairs. One of these, for instance, is a leaking air suspension system. The Land Rover is recognized as providing a comfortable ride even over rough surfaces. The manufacturer uses an air ride mechanism, but the suspension components (like rubber bags) can crack or become punctured over time. Once the compressor can no longer keep up, the vehicle may sag, requiring suspension repair. Brake pads tend to wear quickly, too, because automobiles are heavy. This is particularly true for the Discovery with its unusual distribution of weight. Fortunately, brake pad replacement is not typically a difficult repair. Head gasket trouble, especially on some Discovery year models, can allow coolant and/or oil to escape. If you don’t fix the problem, you can ruin the engine. If you begin hearing odd noises when turning slowly, bring in your vehicle for a check of the steering shaft. Finally, it has been noted that Land Rovers can suffer from electrical problems. These autos take advantage of complex electrical components working alongside one another to provide the desired level of performance and comfort. However, when there’s a malfunction, it can be difficult to diagnose and fix. That’s where our expertise works to your advantage. Our technicians are experienced with Land Rovers just like yours, and one of our owners/technicians is an electrical system genius, holding a physics degree.

Trusted Land Rover Repair

When you need reliable Land Rover repair but don’t want to spend days at the dealership, bring your vehicle to Whitedog Import Auto Service. We focus on specific imports, ensuring that we have the knowledge, dealer-level diagnostic equipment, and tools needed to quickly and accurately repair your vehicle. Further, we cover our work with a 24-month/24,000 mile warranty. Come see why your neighbors have trusted us for years, ranking us high on the local “best of” lists across multiple years.