Brake Repair in Iowa City, Iowa

Dependable Brakes When You Need Them

Most of us are busy. Whether you’re driving for your job, shuttling your kids, heading to the store for a grocery restock, or simply enjoying your day, it’s important to be sure that your go, go, go lifestyle can be balanced with a safe stop. In fact, in a Kelley Blue Book ranking of vehicle safety features, the three-point seat belt came in at number one. Still, an automobile’s brakes occupied the second spot on the list (specifically the anti-lock braking system or ABS). Therefore, in addition to preserving your car’s ability to run well, you also need to ensure that it can stop efficiently when needed. That’s why We have worked with vendors for decades to find the most reliable and quiet brake parts on the market. For exceptional brake repair for your European or Japanese import, rely on Whitedog Import Auto Service in Iowa City, Iowa. You’ll find us near all the downtown attractions not far off US 6 at 424 Highland Ct Suite 1, Iowa City, IA 52240. Make your appointment for brake service using our online scheduler or by calling (319) 337-4616.


Let’s Talk Brakes

Your vehicle’s braking system allows you to stop with a minimal amount of physical exertion on your part. When you press the brake pedal, you expend little energy and don’t need a lot of physical strength. A lever and piston move, forcing brake fluid stored in the master cylinder through brake lines/hoses toward the cylinders located at the wheels. The fluid moves the brake calipers to force the brake pads against the rotors (discs) to generate the friction needed to stop your car. (If you have an older auto with drum brakes or a newer model with drum brakes on the rear wheels, the concept is similar. Brake shoes rub against the drum turning inside the wheel.) Thus, a little effort yields an amazing result that helps keep you safe. However, if a braking issue disrupts the processes necessary for hydraulic force and friction, you may lack the ability to affect a timely stop. Watch for potential warning signs of brake problems. For instance, you might notice your ABS light illuminate on the dashboard. Also, you could notice a burning scent or longer than expected stopping distances. Squealing, squeaking, or grinding noises can also be a giveaway. Finally, don’t ignore a vibration as you’re applying brakes. If you notice any of these or have additional concerns, bring your vehicle to our expert technicians to inspect, assess, and repair your brakes.

Your Import Brake Repair Specialist

Whether you drive an import with stock brakes or have upgraded to high-performance components to handle the demands of fast-paced driving and equally quick stops, Whitedog Import Auto Service is your local brake repair specialist. We’ve been caring for our customers with European and Japanese automobiles since 1975, and our technicians have years of experience with your chosen model. If you’re questioning your ability to stop or simply want a routine brake check, make an appointment with us and learn why we have so many positive customer reviews.